At SAAR Assurances, we are looking for new employees every day. The culture of the company's leaders is to encourage youth through recruitment to positions of responsibility.

We are determined to be job creators in Africa, but also to evolve with our market.

If you like challenges, have the spirit of teamwork, are alive, then join the SAAR Group!

Regarding the recruitment process, candidates holding a diploma less than or equal to a Bac +3 will receive a written test followed by selection interviews. As for candidates holding a diploma higher than or equal to a Bac + 4, they will pass directly selection interviews. The interviews are led by the Management Committee of the company.

Recruitment is based on a set of criteria, for each of which a number of points is defined. These points allow the candidate to obtain a grade, at the end of which he is either admitted to training or summoned to another recruitment session that will allow him to better defend his candidacy.


Founded in 2012, the Business Excellence Academy (BEA) is a training school for managers, dismemberment of PKFOKAM Institute Of Excellence (insert the link to the website). It trains the Group's human resources: the staff being recruited and the professionals already operational. It is also solicited by companies, wishing to strengthen the skills of their employees.

The training period is 06 months for newly recruited staff and 03 to 04 months for professionals.

The objective of the BEA is to instill corporate values ​​(responsibility, fairness, team spirit, humility, etc.) and to transmit knowledge directly related to the work stations of each. The courses are tailor-made to allow employees to directly touch the issues related to the business environment and in the end, to be able to occupy positions of responsibility.

The school has 3 training professions:

  2. BANK

Check out the BEA curriculum a

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