Our Group in Short

The African Insurance and Reinsurance Company (SAAR) was created in Cameroon on November 27, 1990, with a registered capital of 900,000,000 FCFA. A dynamic and visionary company, today it is one of the leaders in the CIMA zone, thanks to a Network covering at least nine countries on the African continent: Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Republic of Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Chad.

SAAR offers products in the life insurance, non-life insurance and real estate sectors.

In the non-life branch, guarantees cover Automobile, Health, Transport, Civil Liability, and Miscellaneous Risks. In the Life branch, we offer products in Savings and Retirement.

The company's vision, World Class African Insurance, can be summed up in three points:

  • Provide a service to international standards of insurance;
  • Provide solutions adapted to the needs of our customers;
  • Effectively work for the development of the African continent.

Most valuable capital, the women and men who work with us every day are at the heart of protecting people and property.


Respond effectively to the security needs of people and goods.

The fundamental mission of insurance is to provide men with the security they need to face the everyday and trust the future. At SAAR, we efficiently offer you the support you need to meet your security and property needs.

We work on a daily basis to identify coverage needs, to understand them, in order to offer African populations added value in their daily lives, through well-adapted products and services.

We always strive to strengthen proximity with our customers and develop a lasting relationship with our environment.


World Class African Insurance



We work on a daily basis by being aware that the customer is "king" and has requirements. Our teams, to whom we inculcate this value, are armed to face the different situations they encounter.

Compliance with commitments

Because we know that our customers' trust is earned in keeping with our commitments, and that a solid relationship is a guarantee of progress, every employee is committed to satisfying our customers at all times and in all places.

Team spirit

SAAR Assurances is an organization made up of men and women of various ages, of diverse cultural backgrounds and of various professions. What connects them is a corporate culture that respects everyone's freedom of expression and favors horizontal relationships that stand out from rigid hierarchical structures.


Because insurance is a market that is evolving gradually in Africa, and that the challenges are numerous, SAAR develops products to allow all segments of the population to access insurance.


The main shareholder groups of SAAR are:

  • SAPA (51.02%): a venture capital company created to enable nationals to take an active part in the process of privatization of public companies and the creation of companies;
  • SM Capital (48.98%): a financial holding company with management, management consulting and administrative, legal and tax provision and assistance to other companies.

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